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Our entry level Torres model is a traditional guitar honouring the great Antonio de Torres. Antonio Torres was the most important Spanish guitar maker of the 19th century, and his genius creativity and production technology developed the guitar into the instrument we know of today. His designs greatly improved the overall dimensions and construction of older, historical string instruments and are the first recognisably modern classical guitars. The Altamira "Torres" model is based on the guitar numbered SE114 made by the master Antonio Torres in 1888, and constructed to reflect the tonal qualities and design aesthetic of the original instrument.

The sound is immediate, clear and delicate, with an abundant range of tone colors due to Torres’ famous fan bracing method.

Altamira aims to provide a classic experience to guitarists, bringing back the quintessential sound of a traditional Torres guitar. This model will encourage guitarists to discover the full spectrum of tonal colours available on a traditional instrument, and will draw audiences in with its intimate sound.

Our Torres model is perfect for musicians playing Romantic period Spanish music by Tarrega, Llobet etc. and inspired by immediacy, punchiness, clarity and sweetness of a traditional Torres guitar.

Altamira Torres (Entry Level)

  • Specifications:
    Solid Spruce top
    African Mahogany Neck
    Laminate Maple Back and Sides
    Matte Finish
    Indian Rosewood Fingerboard
    650 mm Scale Length
    50 mm Nut Width (slightly smaller than standard)
    85-88 mm Body depth

    Strung with D’Addario strings

    Comes with Standard Case

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