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Our entry level Flamenco N300F guitar is an excellent guitar for those beginning their Flamenco journey.

The traditional flamenco guitar is made of Spanish cypress, sycamore, or rosewood for the back and sides, and spruce for the top. This accounts for its characteristic body colour. Flamenco guitars are built lighter with thinner tops than classical guitars, which produces a brighter and more percussive sound quality suitable for Flamenco repertoire. Less internal bracing is used to keep the top more percussively resonant. Volume and projection is very important for flamenco guitarists, as they must be heard over the sound of the dancers’ nailed shoes. To increase volume, harder grade tone woods are used for Flamenco models.

Our N300F model is ideal for students beginning Flamenco guitar studies. The spruce and cypress construction of this guitar produces a typical dry flamenco tone.

Altamira N300F

  • Specifications:
    Solid Spruce Top
    African Mahogany Neck
    Laminated Cypress Back and Sides
    Gloss Finish
    Indian Rosewood Fingerboard
    650 mm (standard) Scale Length

    Golpe Flamenco pick guard on top

    Excludes case or bag. Comes in box.

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