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Our Double Top model is a premium concert classical guitar suitable for advanced and professional musicians. This model is based on famous German style double top construction which has two very thin pieces of wood as the top, strengthened and reinforced with innovative nomex. The result is a rich and deep toned instrument with incredible projection. This top is paired with Cocobolo back and sides, which is a visually stunning type of wood, and equally resonant. Our Double Top model is an excellent choice for high calibre professional musicians dreaming of a powerful, bold toned instrument with a spectrum of colours for both solo and chamber performances.

Altamira Premium Double Top

  • Specifications:
    Solid German Style Double Top with Nomex reinforcement
    Spanish Cedar Neck
    Solid Cocobolo Back and Sides
    Gloss Finish
    Ebony Fingerboard
    650 mm (standard) Scale Length

    100% Carbon Fiber Case, Carbon fibre rod reinforcement in neck to increase stability, and Elevated fingerboard.

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