The Guitar Studio

...is the premier studio for guitar lessons in the North Texas area.  Founded by Michael Dailey in 1986, it is now owned and operated by Will Douglas, who has performed, studied and taught in the United States, Canada, and Europe. The Guitar Studio offers lessons to beginners, intermediate students, and those seeking university and professional careers.  

The Guitar Studio offers lessons for a variety of styles and can tailor the lessons to fit each student's individual needs.  A free consultation is provided by appointment that covers what the student knows about guitar playing, music in general, his/her specific goals, the approach to be taken for instruction, and what will be involved to obtain those goals.

"Thanks to this studio and to it's owner, Michael Dailey I received the training necessary to pursue bachelor, master and doctoral degrees in guitar performance at the University of North Texas College of Music and study at the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston, MA. I have been paid to go on national tours with a rock/country artist, teach master classes and perform solo classical concerts internationally. If you want to find the place to get the right lessons from beginning to end, The Guitar Studio is the only place to go!"

Will Douglas

Professor of Guitar


"Will Douglas is not only a gifted guitarist but a versatile rounded musician and a charismatic person."

-Apostolos Paraskevas, Professor, Berklee College of Music

"Michael Dailey is the best guitar instructor in the Metroplex without question. He has studied with the great masters and his performances know no match. He is patient, intelligent and kind and possesses all the attributes of the best teachers. He is very familiar with different genres of music and can teach you anything you want to know. He has performed with entertainers such as Linda Ronstadt, Stevie Nicks, and John Denver and was once the opening act for the Grateful Dead. Amazing."

Cindy S.

Attorney at Law

"[Will] is a wonderful advocate for our instrument, and I would always want to support what he is trying to do artistically." (Weatherford Democrat, July 2015)

-Adam Holzman, Professor, University of Texas at Austin


Have been a student of Mr. Dailey for over 10 years. Began as a single gift lesson by my wife and have continued to learn how to play the classical guitar as well as music theory, music history and philosophy. Went from never touching a guitar or playing any musical instrument whatsoever to Canco del LLadre. Mr. Dailey is an excellent teacher and music mentor. He teaches with both patience and discipline - using the latest teaching techniques. His understanding of both the students abilities and goals allows for challenging while at the same time enjoyable sessions. I now can sight-read music, understand musical concepts; what the composer attempts to convey and play fairly well. I have greatly enjoyed my time learning with Mr. Dailey and look forward to future sessions.

Peter B.

"I have been a student of Michael's for over 8 years. He is the most methodical teacher I have encountered and has been the most effective at guitar specific solutions for playing. His prowess with technique is unmatched by anyone in the area and his knowledge of the fretboard paired with solutions for better tone are impeccable."

Deanna V.


"One would be hard pressed to find a guitarist with more insight and experience."

Adam F.

"This small guitar shop is both a high-end Spanish Guitar gallery and home to one of DFW's most distinguished classical guitar maestros. Here you can learn 2nd hand generation Andrés Segovia Spanish Guitar technique under the close direction of Michael Daily, the owner. There are few teachers left who can control and teach control of this vibrant classical instrument. We are truly lucky to have a gem such as this studio in Texas, when we aren't able to study in Spain directly. "

Randal B.



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