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The Guitar Studio

Founded by Maestro Michael Dailey in 1983 we continue his legacy through high quality guitar instruction, performances, community engagement, and a gallery of fine guitars and accessories.

A Legacy of Great Guitar

The Guitar Studio is the premier studio for guitar lessons and classical guitar sales in the North Texas area.  Founded by Michael Dailey in 1983, it is now owned and operated by Michael's long time friend, student, and colleague, Will Douglas. The Guitar Studio offers lessons to beginners, intermediate students, and those seeking university and professional careers.  

The Guitar Studio offers lessons for a variety of styles and can tailor the lessons to fit each student's individual needs.  A free consultation is provided by appointment that covers what the student knows about guitar playing, music in general, each student's specific goals, the approach to be taken for instruction, and what will be involved to obtain those goals.


Guitar Lessons for any style

Yes, our house specialty is classical guitar, but our instructors teach and perform on acoustic, electric, and bass guitars on all styles from jazz, rock, country, funk, blues and much more. All ages and skill levels from beginner to advanced professional are welcome!


Meet the instructors

Owner, Dr. Will Douglas is joined by Dr. Kevin Manderville, Matthew Naizer, and Xan Watson to offer professional lessons by active performers with the educational background to help you achieve your musical goals.

Will Douglas, Guitar

Dr. Will Douglas

Kevin Manderville, Guitar

Dr. Kevin Manderville

Matthew Naizer, Guitar

Matthew Naizer

Xan Watson, Guitar

Xan Watson




Listen to Our Students

“I've been taking lessons with the Maestro (Will Douglas) for over two years now. Will has to be the most patient person the planet to give me lessons for so long. He works with your skill level and breaks down the music so that you can truly understand what you are working on. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone from beginner to seasoned professional..”

Kim, Google review

“An excellent studio home to very accomplished, personable instructors. A wide variety of genres are covered, which is great. I recommend!”

Andrew, Google review

“So glad the studio is being carried on. Was just there to visit Will the other day and heard one of his young students playing Lagrima VERY well and had to fight off tears. The place looks great and I feel like Michael would be so happy!

Go here for guitar lessons. It has been the best place in Fort Worth for guitar music education since Michael started it in the 1980’s!”

Deanna V., Fort Worth musician & instructor.

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