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Xan Watson Guitar Lessons Fort Worth.jpg

Xan Watson

B.M. (in progress)

Texas Baptist College



Xan Watson is originally from Mineral Wells, Texas, which is about a 45-minute drive West of Fort Worth. He currently resides just south of Weatherford, Texas, with his dogs. He graduated from Weatherford High School in 2018 and has since attended Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary for his continued education and is currently working on a BMA (Bachelor of Musical Arts) in the field of Classical Guitar Performance.


He has always had a passion for music. Xan started playing the electric guitar at the age of 11, adding in the steel-string acoustic, classical guitar, ukulele, and his current main instrument outside of school purposes, the bass guitar. All of these instruments have added themselves over the years, as that would be a massive load to deal with all at one time, of course! He currently plays electric bass for Central Christian Church on Sunday mornings as well as North Side Baptist on Wednesday nights, helping the youth band out.


A few awards that Xan received for his musical abilities would be 1st chair in brass ensemble for middle school band playing the trumpet three years in a row, 1st chair jazz bassist in all-region jazz ensemble for two years in a row in high school, as well as advancing to state level competition for solo and ensemble on the classical guitar during his time in high school for two years straight (when his school allowed classical guitar to enter, as he was the only one). Xan also received masterclasses instruction from renowned classical guitarists Rene Izquierdo of the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee, Adam Holzman of the University of Texas at Austin, Mathew McAllister of the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Ayman Jarjour asolo guitarist from Syria, Emma Rush a classical guitar virtuoso from Canada, as well as with Michael Dailey the founder of The Guitar Studio and guitar professor at Texas Wesleyan University to name a few. Outside of the classroom, a few musicians who have greatly influenced his playing would be Geddy Lee of Rush, Randy Rhoads from Ozzy Osbourne (also a classical guitarist himself), and John Myung of Dream Theater.

During the week, he works at Southwest Ford in Hudson Oaks as a shop hand, doing all kinds of random activities that need getting done. He has worked for the dealership for over four years. A few passions that Xan has besides music would be sports cars (primarily the American muscle car scene), firearms (target shooting only, as Xan does not hunt), and animals. He has four furry friends at home: an English Bulldog, a French Bulldog, a Boston Terrier, and a Yorkshire Terrier.

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