The Guitar Studio takes great pride in the success of its students.  The joy a student brings to his/her family and friends being able to share his/ her music is one of the greatest pleasures and rewards received for a job well done.  When a student gets accepted into a music program at a college or university or is able to start a professional career in music, it's a recognition that the quality of our lessons are of the highest caliber.  When an autistic student becomes the guitarist for his/her school's jazz band it is proof that our lessons are meeting even the most challenging needs of the student.  The success of our students is by far our greatest reward.


The Guitar Studio has been helping people develop their guitar skills for over 25 years in North Texas.  We have helped hundreds (very possibly over a thousand, we don't keep a running total) of students achieve their goals with the guitar. 


Students of all levels and ages seeking a wide variety of musical genres (classical, country/western, rock, pop, blues, jazz, contemporary, and more)  are welcome at The Guitar studio.


While Michael Dailey is the founder of The Guitar Studio, we also have Will Douglas teaching for us.  Between the two of us we can accommodate any student's musical needs and time requirements. 


Michael Dailey and Will Douglas are available to perform for special events such as weddings, receptions, dinner parties, private concerts, etc.


Call us at 817-938-8328 to schedule a free consultation.